How to edit your new Greetings Match-Match Game in PowerPoint

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Paloma Bartz, TQUK L-5 TEFL Teacher

PowerPoint is a presentation program offered by Microsoft, it’s often used to create or show slides, for business presentations or for educational purposes, but you can also create Educational Games for your students. Here are a few steps for you to download. 


This post is broken up into two sections: installing custom fonts & downloading your free presentation + personalizing your Match-Match Game. If you’re already familiar with font installation, scroll down or click on the third bubble on the right to get there.

Section 1

Adding Custom Fonts.

1. Open your browser and search for “Font Squirrel: Vanilla”.


2. Choose the first option or follow the link and click on Download TTF: https://www.fontsquirrel.com/fonts/vanilla. 


3. If you’re prompted to save the file, select a folder in your computer and click Save.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 at 14.11.54

4. Locate the folder and extract it, right-click it if using Windows and select extract or unzip, on Mac double-click Vanilla font.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 at 14.12.38

5. Go to your laptop’s finder or search box and type Font, on Windows open the Fonts folder, on Mac choose the Font Book app.

Screen Shot 2020 08 31 at 14.13.09 1

6. Go back to the folder where you saved the downloaded fonts and select all fonts, once selected Click+Drag them to your Fonts folder or to your Font Book app (click and continue to hold while you drag the font files from one folder to another).

giphy 1

7. Success! You can now use your new font in your new Pairs Game.

Section 2

Downloading your free PowerPoint Match-Match Game – no requirements, no subscriptions

1. Click Download PPTX to download the customizable template. The file should download automatically to your computer. It will be saved in your default download location, unless you’re prompted to choose a location, then select the folder and click Save.

2. Right-click and save to download the additional cards.

Section 2.5

Personalizing your Pairs Game.

1. To change the text on the green side of the cards, delete the text and type in the new text.


2. To change the image on the cards, select the green cards by holding CTRL (Command) + clicking on each one.


Ctrl All

3. Right-click  and then choose “Send to back”, the images should be in the front now.

send to back

4. Go to the Format tab and then click on Shape Fill to choose the picture that you want. 

Shape fill

5. Use the previous process to send the top cards to the back.



6. If you’re sending this presentation to your students make sure to save two files, a presentation version for you to edit when needed and a Slide Show for your students to see. This type of presentation can be opened on their tablets and can be used as an “app”. 



You have edited your very own PowerPoint Match Match Game!

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